Some of the videos of Maura Volante singing are on her channel on Youtube. Others were put up by others who recorded her performances.

For quite awhile, there were no new ones. But in the spring of 2020, Maura needed to feel connected with others in her musical community and started posting videos to facebook, made on her phone, with no fancy equipment or even a real microphone. These are not high quality, but clear enough to get a sense of the song.

Maura also participated in a couple of group projects during this time, in which musicians sent videos to a person who then mixed them into a piece. This, we all discovered during the quarantine, is the only way to make music together online.

Jonathan Werk put together a couple of dance music tunes to which Maura contributed here and here, and she also participated in a project Fred Letson set up a channel for singers to harmonize.

The Log Drive Café presented Maura & Fern Volante & Ranald Thurgood on the porch on September 19. The show went really well, with lots of folks joining, both on the lawn and online. If you missed it, the  Youtube link is still active so you can catch the show anytime.

Below are some older links:

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